Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 Killer Tips on Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Bumped into a really cool article today. It also talks about cell phone lookup just like I do. But it covers the whole topic of reverse cell phone lookup much better than I do. For example, it goes on to give a bunch of reasons why people are doing reverse cell phone searches.

It goes on to say that there are personal reasons as well as official reasons why people have to trace mobile phone numbers in the society today! Unfortunately, among the personal reasons, cheating spouses or infidelity has a top place. I don't think it's a good thing at all. However, if that's the reality of the world, we have to acknowledge it and admit it however bitter the truth may be.

Then this article also goes on to talk about other things like what information can you typically get from a reverse cell phone look up. It says that most services only give you the name and address of the phone owner while there are other services that give a bunch of other information like marital status, information on income, home value etc. etc.

2 Killer Tips on Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Finally it goes on to give 2 killer tips on reverse cell phone lookups and I think those are absolute gold. I don't want to put them here and get into copyright infringement trouble. So please go to the original article and read all about it there!